F.L.O.W. Training

Rates and Prices

GST included!

Pass Payment Options
Single Enrollment: 2 Days 8 Session
Single Enrollment: 3 Days 12 Sessions
10 pass punch card
This punch card has a 2 month expiry date.
Come to any 10 sessions you choose.
3 Day F.L.O.W. Pass
Pay for 5 F.L.O.W. sessions and get the sixth session for free!
2 Day F.L.O.W. Pass
Pay for 5 F.L.O.W. sessions and get the sixth session for free! .

Pass must be paid in full in order to redeem for sessions. Cannot be purchased retroactively. This pass must be used for F.L.O.W. Training within one year of the purchase date. (That is, all F.L.O.W. Training sessions must occur before the expiry date on the pass or funds are forfeited.) Client must cancel any F.L.O.W. Training session registration 7 days prior to the start of the session to receive a refund back to the pass. This pass is non-transferable and non-refundable. No exceptions for any reason. Pass cannot be combined with any other offer.
Subscription Payment Options (This means you're receiving 20% off every month of F.L.O.W. )
Name First Payment Subsequent Payments  
3 Day/Week F.L.O.W. Training Subscription $403.20 $201.60
2 Day/Week F.L.O.W. Training Subscription $294.40 $147.20
Subscription payments are for a minimum of 6 months and are ongoing for as long as a client is attending the F.L.O.W. Training Sessions.

* We also run a bi-annual special that gets you 25% off F.L.O.W. Training for one year (you will receive 10 F.L.O.W. Training Sessions in one year). These specials occurn in the months of November and July.


F.L.O.W. Training Sessions are ran on a 4 week basis.
All F.L.O.W. Training Sessions have to be registered and paid online. No discounts.
Training sessions run two to three times per week at 30 minutes.
F.L.O.W. Training Sessions are offered mornings, lunch times and evening throughout SE Calgary. Our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions are suitable for every fitness level.

To register for our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions, click here