Kettle bell Training

"The Kettle Bell bootcamp, offered by Kettle Bell Calgary was by far the best workout I have ever done. Was it hard, yes, was it tiring, for sure, but was it worth it, YES! When I first started the 10 class program, I could not have imagined that 5 weeks after the first class I would have lost a total of 5 inches off of my waist alone! I have never achieved results like this with any other workout program. Belinda was by far the best instructor that I have ever had, paying close attention to every individuals needs in the group. I cannot wait to sign up for another class! Thank you for such an amazing experience Belinda!"
I have taken one full month of Belinda's kettle bell boot camp. After the first class I was so excited to come back to all of the other ones. Never dreaded getting up for the 6 am class once! I didn't have the body fat testing done but I can tell just by putting on my clothes that I have lost significant inches!! That just gives me even more motivation. This class has made me want to work hard. You almost don't even notice how hard you are working because of how much fun it is. I think that it's because kettle bells are so different from regular workouts. Because Belinda is very knowledgeable about the kettle bells (and exercising in general) I feel confident that I am getting the best workout! I enjoy it so much that I'm signed up for the next one and can't wait!
"I have been working out with Belinda for 2 years now and I was very excited when they brought the kettle bell workout to our fitness regime. The KB workout is great for the core, strength, stabilizers and fat loss. It's a FUN class, and I was surprised to see how quickly I was able to move through the various exercises and techniques. I was able to learn the SAFE and CORRECT form for one of the BEST workouts out there today!"
"Our first impression of the 'Russian Kettle Bell' was OMG it looked daunting. The kettle bell can an intimating piece of equipment but when taught by a qualified trainer it's a piece of cake. Belinda is one of only a very few trainers who are certified to teach 'Russian Kettle Bell' classes. At Be More Fitness, Belinda starts with the basics, for example 'how to pick up a kettle bell' as with any type of equipment you must use it correctly. You will learn quite quickly that Belinda keeps safety front and center. I can remember our first kettle bell class we couldn't imagine how we would lift the kettle bell let alone do specific exercises with it but by end of class we knew how to pick it up, swing it properly and perform basic exercises. In our opinion the kettle bell is the ultimate body sculpting tool as well it burns a crazy amount of calories in a 30 minute session. Richard and I both incorporate Kettle Bells into our fitness routine with Be More Fitness and we bought two for our home workouts. Recently Melissa Ribbido from the University of Calgary's Kinesiology Department participated in and reviewed a Be More Fitness kettle bell class for CBC radio' s Tuesday fitness feature. Her review was outstanding and focused on Belinda's attention to proper form and safety. We both highly recommend trying a class you'll be hooked."