General Info

All our fitness classes are located at our Douglas Glen location.

Hard Body

This class will help you improve your strength utilizing heavy weights. You will learn the different lifting techniques to help you achieve that cut look. There will be an education component to this class. Nutrition will also be covered.


Get a awesome core workout with the TRX, learn some new moves and have some fun!


Fitness kickboxing with a twist, heavy bag training, MMA Equipment and war ropes also utilized!

Balls, Balls, Balls

Train your core and burn some FAT with every ball you can think of!

Kettle Bell Advanced

This is only for clients who can already swing, clean and press, and snatch! We will be using two kettle bells for most moves!

Fit at ANY AGE!

This class is for ages 60 and up, strength, core, balance , joint mobility and flexibility will be included.

Roll it!

The us of a foam roller can greatly help to decrease injury, learn all the ways to roll out those tight muscle, tendons and ligaments.

All Fitness classes are 30-45 minutes depending on the class offered.