F.L.O.W. Training

F.L.O.W. Training Descriptions
F.L.O.W. Training Sessions: (10 to 20 Clients in each group)
Fitness level: Beginner to Advanced
Equipment used: TRXS, Medicine Balls, Swiss Balls, Gliders, Fitness Kick boxing, Tubing, Kettle Bells, Gymsticks, BOSUS, Cardio Belts, Bender Balls, IFLOW and so much more!
Activities: Circuit training, Interval training, partner training, obstacle courses, Tabatas and drills. These camps are for ages 14 - 75 (yes we have had a 73 year old in our camps!)
We want everyone to feel successful in our workouts, this means that we modify every exercise to your fitness level. We will always make an exercise harder or easier depending on your fitness level. You work at YOUR OWN LEVEL, but we motivate you in a positive manner.
Doggie Fitness (RUFF & PUFF)
Locations Southland Dog Park & Riverpark off leash area.
Starts in May
Fitness level: Beginner to advanced.
Equipment: Your Dog, Balls, hurdles, ladders, pylons, dumbbells.
Activities: Obstacle courses, some running and calisthenics.
Your dog must be 6 months old, all vaccinations up to date. This is an not a puppy obedient class, this is a 30 Minute workout with your DOG!