Support/FAQ F.L.O.W. Training

Have a question? Before you try to contact us, take a look at some of the more commonly asked questions we get from our clients. Chances are the answer to what you're looking can be found there.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are F.L.O.W. Training Sessions?

F.L.O.W. Training Sessions (Fat Loss Optimized Workout) usually consist of callisthenics( pushups, squats, lunges, triceps, dips, etc). combined sometimes with a cardio segment. No equipment is usually provided.

2. Are Be More Personal Fitness F.L.O.W. Training Sessions the same as other Boot camps?

No! We bring most of the equipment. Be More Fitness offers Personal Fitness Training *F.L.O.W., which is basically Personal Fitness training in a group setting. Our trainers train you as if you were working one-on-one with a trainer.

3. What type of training can we expect?

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, Strength Training,Cardio (Intervals)Kettle Bells, Fitness Kick boxing, TRX, Gliders, Circuits, Medicine Balls, Swiss Balls, Bender Balls, Obstacle courses, Drills and Fun!

4. Do I have to be "in shape" to participate in F.L.O.W. Training?

Any fitness level can join our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions because our trainers modify every exercise to make it harder or easier depending on your fitness level. We have had participants that were 100 lbs. over weight. We also have had participants that compete in Triathlons, Marathons and Iron Mans. Our Trainers are sure to make you feel successful whether you have never worked out before or you're an experienced athlete.

5. Who will be the instructor?

Every F.L.O.W. Training Session is instructed by a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the highest education and certifications.

6. Do we need to bring anything?

We recommend bringing a mat(any kind will do) and a pair of dumbbells (5 to 8 pounds).

7. Do you offer any nutritional counseling?

We offer a complimentary nutrition/educational workshop every month and pre and post F.L.O.W. Training Session evaluations (BMI, Body Fat, and measurements).

WE ALSO HAVE A NUTRITION PAGE WITH BASIC NUTRITION PLANS. Be More Fitness Recommends Nutrition 4 U for all nutrition counselling.

8. What do we wear?

Running shoes and comfortable workout wear.

9. When do the F.L.O.W. Training Sessions run and how long?

We run our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions yearly. Inside from November to March and Outside April to October. Morning and evening sessions of all F.L.O.W. sessions are 30 minutes in length. They usually run in 4 week intervals.

10. What results can I see with Be More Fitness F.L.O.W. Training Sessions ?

Don't be surprised to see a decrease in body fat by 3 to 8% after the first month.

11. How many days a week do F.L.O.W. Training Sessions run?

Our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions run anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week, the more days you work out, the faster you'll see results. Some sessions offer flexibility, pick any 2, 3, 4 days of the week to workout, we work around your schedule.

12. Do you prorate or discount your F.L.O.W. Training Sessions ?

We do not prorate or discount any of our F.L.O.W. Training Sessions.

13. What happens if I go away on holidays and I will miss some of the sessions?

Unfortunately, sessions can not be made up through our F.L.O.W. Training Program.

14. What if a medical condition arises and I cannot finish the F.L.O.W. Training Session?

With a physicians note, we will credit you the remaining sessions for another future group of F.L.O.W. Training Sessions of your choice.

15. How many F.L.O.W. Training Sessions do you recommend I register for the year?

Be More Fitness Inc. believes that living a Healthy life and becoming more fit is a lifestyle. Therefore, we recommend that you register every four weeks on a continual basis.

16. What can I expect to pay for your F.L.O.W. Training Sessions?

Please see our rates page.

17. What about your refund policy?

We are so sure you will love Be More Fitness, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we will refund your month of F.L.O.W. Training Sessions MINUS a $50.00 administration fee.

Please note, F.L.O.W. Training Sessions are non-transferable.

18. Why would I choose Be More Fitness F.L.O.W. Training Sessions over another Bootcamp?

Be More Fitness provides the most variety out of any workout you will find! Variety with specialized equipment will help you reach your fitness goals faster!! As Dr. Oz says variety is the key when exercising!!! Our sessions are 30 minutes in length because studies show that higher intensity shorter workouts are most effective with body fat loss. WHY workout for 1-1.5 hours and not get the results your looking for? We provide Nutrition/Grocery tours and educational workshops, fitness testing and body composition testing.