Athletic Conditioning

Why Choose Be More Fitness for Athletic Conditioning?

Be More Fitness brings strength and conditioning to a whole new level. We are always resercahing cutting edge techniques and modalites to achieve that high performance athlete. There are always a minimum of 2 trainers per group and a periodized program specific to the athletes sport.

We look at the athlete on an individual basis, which means we will evaluate the weak areas on the athlete and improve the areas that need to be strengthened. Most companies will group the athletes into one large group and train them as one group. The problem with this is, that you cannot improve the weeknesses in the individual athletes body. Did you know that lack of joint mobility and ROM can impede the athletes power, speed, flexibility and can cause injury? This is why we focus on quality, not quantity.

The training will improve the athletes strength, power, agility, speed core, dynamic balance, flexibility and joint mobility.

All sessions include initial and final fitness testing and Body Composition testing (measurements, body fat, lean muscle mass). All athletes will be given graphical analysis of their progress at the end of the final session.

Sports Camps at Be More Fitness, LLC

  • Resistance Training
  • Joint Mobility
  • Interval Training
  • Speed & SSPT
  • Core Training
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Post Rehab/Preventative Training

We provide all the equipment for the athletes:

  • TRXS (Used by college and pro athletes including the NFL)
  • Kettle Bells (Will help athletes to achieve that explosive power for their sport)
  • Power Balls (Total body conditioning with focus on the core)
  • Power Sleds
  • Sand Bags/Sand Bells
  • Resistance Band Training (deceleration & acceleration)
  • Gymsticks (Improve the athletes core and work the stabilizers)
  • IFLOW (Will improve the athletes dynamic flexibility and joint mobility)
  • Bender Balls (Develop core and will focus on the deep muscles such has the TA, QL)
  • Gliders (Great sport specific movements)
  • Tubing
  • Body Vests
  • Parachutes
  • Swiss Balls
  • Cardio Harnesses
  • Boxing Gloves and Pads
  • Skipping ropes
  • Agility Ladders
  • Balance Boards
  • Mini Trampolines
  • Reaction Balls

"The Airdrie Bantam AA hockey team was looking for an off-ice program that was specific to our sport. I contacted Belinda at Be More Fitness Inc. and discussed with her how she could provide this service. Belinda assured me that she could design a hockey specific program that would improve the player's fitness.

Belinda designed and conducted an off-ice program that challenged the players to become stronger athletes by building up their strength, specifically developing the body's core muscles. Belinda ran fitness testing at the beginning and end of the program, and provided charts to track each player's progression. Every player showed significant improvement in their speed, strength and stamina.

The players really enjoyed working out under her direction and it was great to see that she took her work seriously. Her fitness knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism were outstanding. I look forward to using her services again next year."

- Brian Willmott, Coach - Airdrie Bantam AA Hockey Team.

Now that our school has established a successful football program to offer our students we've thought of ways to make it even better. Be More Fitness is that way! Belinda and Colin train athletes with a whole body approach using cutting edge techniques and equipment and for that reason the athletes that are involved in Be More's training are quickly becoming the best athletes on our team. Midget football has helped our program quite a bit but the kids that do Be More's training and are also playing midget seem to stay healthy and keep away from injuries. In my opinion it is Be More Fitness that will make the difference between our Bobcats being Division 1 contenders and us being Division 1 Champions.

I have yet to see another company in Calgary that does what Be More Fitness achieves. I have worked with other trainers and they do not come close to the energy and knowledge that Belinda and Colin incorporate into their work outs.

Thanks for being the difference makers!

- Derek MacCready, EX-CFL PLAYER, Senior Head Football Coach - Bishop O'Bynre High School.

My name is William and I'm a visually impaired athlete. I've achieved a lot in para athletics during the time I've trained under Belinda. She's helped me establish my current standing Canadian record in the 100 meter sprint. She's also helped me achieve the ranking of 7th fastest in the world for my vision class in both the 100 meter and 200 meter racing categories. She worked me hard in the gym and made sure I kept myself focused on my goals. Belinda was always on hand to guide me in perfecting my technique and of course making me finish my reps. Everyone knows even the top athletes can have a lazy day occasionally.

I personally have to thank her for helping me achieve my current level of fitness which I have used as a base to carry me over from athletics into professional cycling. Belinda's tutelage is top notch and I found myself with custom tailored workouts for every session specifically targeting the areas of my body that required improvement in order to be at the top of my game.

William Stanley Para Olympic Athlete, Professional Cyclist

Be More Fitness, LLC

Sport Specific Training

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Track
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Snow boarding

Individual: $120.00 per session
Groups: $250.00 per session

All sessions include initial and final fitness testing/Body Composition testing and program development for the athletes specific sport. All athletes will be given graphical analysis of their progress at the end of the final session.