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All our staff are dedicated professionals who are driven and motivated to helping you achieve your Health and Fitness goals. All our Trainers are highly educated and experienced with above industry standards of certifications. Our trainers are ready to take you to a exciting level of fitness that you never thought was possible, where and when you want it. And that means our business is you.
Belinda Morrison, Owner

Belinda has extensive education and experiece with clients of all abilities. She has trained thousands of clients with people with severe disabilities to olympic athletes and everyone in between. Besides Personal Fitness Training, Belinda is a Health Coach and motivational speaker. Belinda herself knows the effects of debilitating chronic pain. She helps others overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life through education and implementing tools to succeed in life.

To book Belinda for speaking engagements please email belinda@belindamorrison.com

Belinda's Certifications, Credentials and Courses include:
  • PFT from Mount Royal University
  • Recreation Therapy Mount Royal University
  • Fitness and Nutrition Diploma
  • Post Rehab Specialist, Terry Kane
  • Fitness Kick Boxing Certified
  • TRX® Certified
  • Agatsu Kettle Bell Certified
  • Bender Ball® Certified
  • IFLOW Certified
  • Can-Fit Pro PFT Specialist
  • X-Biking
  • Sports Performance, Twist Conditioning
  • BOSU Certified
  • Medicine Ball
  • Swiss Ball
  • Numerous Can-Fit Pro Conferences
  • Water Personal Training
  • Can-Fit Pro Member
  • AED/First-Aid/CPR Level C Certified
  • NSCA Member
Some of the clients/athletes Belinda has worked with:
  • Olympic Athletes (Sprinters, Hurdlers)
  • High level Athletes (Football, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Track)
  • Marathon Runners
  • Triathlete
  • Iron Man Athletes
  • MMA Athletes
  • Local Celebrities
  • Prisoners of War (Sudan)
  • Buddhist Monks
  • Clients with disabilities including (MVA, Strokes, MS, Cancer)
Colin Morrison

Colin takes care of the technical side of things at Be More Fitness. He also works for the City of Calgary as a Kick Boxing Instructor. He's inspired to see everyone "stick to the program" and reach their own personal fitness goals. Colin has been involved in Sports his whole life. His family comes from a line of Olympic athletes. His love for Football has seen him become a Football coach to young kids in Calgary.

Colin's Certifications, Credentials and Courses include:
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer from Can-Fit Pro
  • TRX Certified
  • Fitness Kick Boxing Specialist
  • Agatsu Kettle Bell
  • AED/ First Aid / CPR Level C
Denzel Morrison

Denzel has been working out since Junior high school with the guidance from his trainer and (mom).

He is very particular about his nutrition and knows the only way to build muscle the right way, is to lift heavy, eat the right foods/portions at the right time. You will find him researching upcoming new techniques and exercises. He currently attends the University of Calgary taking Business. He also plays Running Back for the University of Calgary Dinos. To see all his accomplishments please go to www.denzelmorrison.com

DENZEL'S Certifications, Credentials and Courses include:
  • Can Fit Pro Certified
  • Agatsu Kettle Bell
  • CPR/First AID Level C